And Now A word From Our Sponsors….Boston Design Center


A few questions posed to the sponsors of Take a Seat 2016….

featured Sponsor Boston Design Center.

Tells us something exciting about your business.

Boston Design Center is a progressive, all-inclusive design resource that is quickly becoming a leader in a fast-changing industry. We’re expanding beyond the traditional design-trade-only model to embrace technology, improve consumer access, co-locate with related industries, and provide on-site manufacturing, event space, and innovative programming. The Innovation and Design Building and its anchor, Boston Design Center, is steadily attracting Boston’s brightest designers, skilled makers, specialty manufacturers, and home and contract furnishings.

What do you like about IFDA-TAKE A SEAT and why?  (I.e. The chairs, the traveling exhibit, the parties, the gala, the auction, etc.)

For us, the best part of TAKE A SEAT is the chairs themselves. We love seeing how designers transform these basic pieces into true artistic statements. It’s the classic idea of mixing the old with the new but in a way that is both stylish and practical.

Why did you decide to sponsor IFDA-TAKE A SEAT?

TAKE A SEAT is the perfect intersection of innovation and design. As anchor of the Innovation and Design Building, this is something we pride ourselves on. It’s an honor for us to be involved with such a unique program that celebrates this marriage while raising money to give back to the community.

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