And Now A Word From Our Sponsors…Symphony Of Light

SOLA few questions posed to the sponsors of Take a Seat 2016….

featured Sponsor … Symphony Of Light

Tells us something exciting about your business.

The Symphony of Light is the largest lighting showroom in the Northeast. Our showroom is unique, inviting and innovative and we work closely with our trade and design community to offer an expansive variety of decorative lighting in all styles.

What do you like about IFDA-TAKE A SEAT and why?  (I.e. The chairs, the traveling exhibit, the parties, the gala, the auction, etc.)

We really like the excitement and creativity of the designers reconstructing the chairs and the anticipation of the amazing results. The traveling exhibit is a unique and fun concept and gives everyone an opportunity to see the beautiful chairs in different venues.


Why did you decide to sponsor IFDA-TAKE A SEAT?

The IDFA-TAKE-A-SEAT is wonderful opportunity to be part of a regional fund raising event involving the designer/trade community. We have a very large showroom (18,000 square feet) that is laid out in comfortable vignettes which makes it perfect to display the beautiful chairs.  It also gives us the opportunity to network within this community and share the Symphony of Light.

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