Design A Chair

Pappillion by Vani Sayeed Studios

If you are interested in designing a chair for a good cause, please submit a concept idea and written description for the chance to be chosen by our Take-A-Seat judges! Submission cost is $75 per person or team. Email you submissions to

Why Design a Chair?

Take-a-seat gives you the opportunity to use your imagine to create a seat that will be cherished in someone’s home for years. In addition, the proceeds for the event are given to charity. There is a considerable marketing component for the event that gets your name in front of a diverse crowd of clients and business partners. It’s a HUGE honor to participate in this event.

What can it look like?

Anything you want! Some applicants choose to make something completely from scratch and many choose to recycle a chair that is past it’s prime by refinishing the chair and upholstering. You concept mood board or drawing doesn’t need to be overly complicated – your goal is to give the judging panel an idea of what your creative mind is capable of!